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  • Only pack dry goods in order to prevent mildew.
  • Using the same size boxes will better utilize space.
  • Take home more boxes than you think you need. Storage King USA will gladly refund your unused boxes.
  • Use small boxes for heavier items and large boxes for lighter goods.
  • Number your boxes and mark contents on both sides.
  • Use plenty of packing material. Bubble wrap, towels, blankets, pillows, and paper work well.
  • If you use normal newspaper, the ink may bleed and cause permanent damage.

  • Use specialty boxes like wardrobe boxes and dishpaks for dishes, glasses and clothing.
  • Tie appliance doors shut with rope.
  • Fasten bed rails together with rope and keep mattresses clean with mattress covers.
  • Wrap paper around chair legs and protect them with chair covers.
  • Use dishpak cartons. Fill bottom, sides, and top with extra packing material. Use specialized foam, paper, or light bubble wrap. Don’t forget to mark these boxes as fragile.
  • With lamps, remove lightbulbs and lampshades. Pack the shades in their own box with plenty of packing paper.
  •  Wrap mirrors in plain paper or light bubble wrap and place in special mirror boxes.
  • Stand sofas on end to save space and cover your sofas with plastic covers and blankets.


  • Leaving a hallway in a larger room will allow you easier access to your goods.
  • Place items that you will need frequent access to in the front of the room.
  • Shelving helps you maximize and organize space while allowing you easier access to your goods.
  • Put the heaviest items on the bottom and cover furniture with dust covers or furniture blankets.

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